Family Zone

Family Zone
Saturday and Sunday, July 29 and 30 11 am – 5:00 pm Unleash your creative spirit and engage your senses as families play together, enjoy hands-on activities and see wonderful performers.


11:00 am Rattle and Strum
11:40 am storytime
noon Hula Hoop Circus
12:50 pm storytime
1:00 pm Rattle and Strum
1:40 pm storytime
2:00 pm Hula Hoop Circus  
2:40 pm storytime
3:00 pm Rattle and Strum
3:40 pm storytime
4:00 pm Hula Hoop Circus

Here are some highlights:

•Crafts – box city and other creative craft projects.

•Activities – Have fun in the jumping castle and slide, with the large parachute game, have your face painted, play with bubbles and engage in games.

• The Calgary Public Library Book Truck is surfing onto our island again this year! It’s a library on wheels where you can register for a free library card, check out a book or sit in on story time with some very special guests and musicians. It'll be a wheel-y good time! *No librarians’ brains were harmed in the drafting of that pun... we hope.


Hula Hoop Circus


Their spectacular circus show features hula hooping, juggling, huggling, and more! Huggling!? That’s right! Come to the show and see! Here attendees learn exciting tricks and techniques with supplied hula hoops to participate after the show.

Formerly Hip Flick Hoops, the Hula Hoop Circus, based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta, has been providing family friendly entertainment and hoop dance instruction since 2010. Owner, Amanda Syryda, aka Amanda Panda, is a self-taught artist who recently self-published a picture book inspired by one of her performance characters entitled “Mandi the Clown and the Hula Hoop Circus.” Fun, funky and bright, Amanda’s colourful characters include Mandi the Clown, Star Fox the Intergalactic Hooper, Rainbow Sprite the electric zebra, and her newly designed Rainbow Ringleader.

Rattle and Strum

familyzone.rattlestrumHeather Blush and The Uppercuts is a trio of rogue, sassy Calgary troubadours whose songwriting ranges from witty sarcasm to gutwrenching honesty. Their young people-oriented offshoot is Rattle and Strum, featuring Blush and her cohort “Captain” Steve Hazlett. Unabashedly influenced by Sesame Street, they’re armed with catchy tunes, great grooves, visual props, extra instruments for the audience members, and a great sense of fun. Original songs about peanut butter, pet penguins, video games, bubbles and space ships get kids of all ages dancing, clapping, singing, and playing. With Heather on guitar, Steve on drums, you on percussion, and everybody singing, this interactive band leaves nobody out.