Gabrielle Papillon

Performing in 2017: Block Heater!

Performing February 10 at The Ironwood, 8 - 11:30 pm - get tickets now!
Performing February 11 at The Alexandra Dance Centre, 2:30 - 5:30 pm - get tickets now!
"I crossed the floor with calculated meaning Then I calculated how to bring you home And when I stake my claim for you the balance will be overdue The reckoning will hold you in your place…"

Singer-songwriter Gabrielle Papillon delivers her enigmatic lyrics with an ease that both comforts and disarms. “The Tempest of Old,” her latest album, produced by Nova Scotia’s Daniel Ledwell, is filled with moody, haunting beauty. In songs such as “Got You Well”, Papillon’s voice is a buoy, undistracted and yet intimately bound to the deep, dark musical undertow below the surface. Since her first album in 2001, Papillon’s music has made it into countless “best of” lists and, not surprisingly, film and television scenes. “Youngsters, do not be fooled by her petite-ness. She is a song avalanche.” (Jenn Grant, via CBC Music). CV


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The Alexandra

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Evan Freeman Iskwé Gabrielle Papillon and Leonard Sumner

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