Henry Wagons

Performing in 2017: Block Heater!

Performing February 11 at The Ironwood, 8 - 11:30 pm - get ticket now!
Performing February 12 at Festival Hall, 12 - 3 pm - get tickets now!

"The dirt of the pavement, I taste the liquor on the back of my breath I can’t help but think I might have deserved it"
Sometimes it takes an outsider to see things with fresh eyes. From Australia’s sunny climes, Henry Wagons nails Americana with gritty, boastful, tunes about bad choices, dark turns and too much drink. His sly sense of humour, charm and bluster are patient stowaways in his mesmerizing Trojan horse of a baritone. Wagons is rollercoaster of an entertainer who unabashedly wears his influences (Lee Hazlewood, Nick Cave, Roy Orbison and more) on the sleeves of his velvet jumpsuit. CV



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Festival Hall

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Dojo Workhorse JJ Shiplett The Torchettes and Henry Wagons

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