Performing in 2017: Block Heater!
(Toronto, ON)

Performing February 10 at Festival Hall, 7:30 - 11:30 pm - get tickets now!
Performing February 11 at The Alexandra 2:30 - 5:00 pm - get tickets now!
"Lay me down now / Lay me to the ground Lay me down now / Lay me down in the shade I won't be afraid / NO I WON'T"

Anchored by roots deeply planted in Irish/Cree-Dené soil, Iskwé’s ascent to find her light has been a soulful exploration. You can hear the emotion in her voice, vacillating from sultry and warm to cutting and spine-tinglingly glacial. Trip hop, R’n’B and electronica are the vehicles on which Iskwé (“woman”) carries her politically charged lyrics, in constant search of communion, justice, reconciliation and peace. “I’d say my music is pretty gritty. A friend named it ‘dark and painful’ but there’s some light in there, too. However, the lower registers always resonate with me, and I think that applies to lyrics and content, as well as music and melody.” CV


When Stage  
Festival Hall
The Alexandra

Words to the whys

Evan Freeman Iskwé Gabrielle Papillon and Leonard Sumner

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