The Northwest Passage

Performing in 2017: Block Heater!
(Calgary, AB)

Performing February 10 at The Alexandra Dance Centre, 8:30 - 11:30 pm - get tickets now!
Performing February 12 at The Ironwood, 12 - 5 pm - get tickets now!
"I'm a moth drawn to flame The cries from hell call out my name and never stop…"

Like early explorers relentlessly penetrating Canada’s labyrinthian Arctic archipelago in search of a viable sea route, The Northwest Passage are on a similar journey, except the craggy outlines of love, life, death, spirituality and morality are charted in haunting lyrics and anthemic pop hooks. Paul van Kampen’s vocals and piano, Laura Jones’ backing vocals, Darren Young’s backing vocals and guitar, Laura Reid’s violin and Daniel Wilson’s drums create a musical voyage that Mike Bell (Calgary Herald) deservedly labeled “…epic, gently majestic, quietly stunning.” CV


When Stage  
The Alexandra

Dark end of the street

Kris Ellestad Mélisande [électrotrad] The Northwest Passage and S.A.V.K.

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