Taj Weekes & Adowa

Performing in 2017: Block Heater!
(St. Lucia) 

Performing February 11 at Festival Hall, 8 - 11:30 pm - get tickets now!
erforming February 12 at The Ironwood, 12 - 5 pm - get tickets now!

I don’t write songs ‘cause I want to say something, I write songs ‘cause I have something to say.
Let your vibes be high and your message mighty! This is what Taj Weekes wants for all of us: to raise each other up, to speak up for our brothers and sisters. The music of human rights advocate, humanitarian, UNICEF champion for children, reggae musician and poet Taj Weekes will fill your heart with hope while Adowa, a multicultural dynamo of a band, will move your hips with purpose and swagger. A marriage of music and message, where all are welcome. “Love is a human rights issue. I don’t care who you love, all that matters is that you love.


When Stage  
Festival Hall

Mondo Mundo

Kobo Town and Taj Weekes & Adowa

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