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Main contact information


(403) 233-0904


(403) 266-3373

Street Address

1215 10 Ave SE 
Calgary, Alberta T2G 0W6

Mailing Address

The Folk Festival Society of Calgary
1215 10th Ave SE

Calgary, Alberta, T2G-0W6

Please, no unsolicited artist materials to this address.



Festival Staff

Artistic Director
Kerry Clarke, kerry@calgaryfolkfest.com

Artistic Associate
Chantal Vitalis, chantal@calgaryfolkfest.com

Executive Director
Sara Leishman, sara@calgaryfolkfest.com

Festival Hall Rentals Manager
Liam Prost, liam@calgaryfolkfest.com

Production Manager
John Hiebert, john@calgaryfolkfest.com

Volunteer Manager
Emily McCormick, emily@calgaryfolkfest.com

Festival Operations Manager
Pete Kaminski, site@calgaryfolkfest.com

Resource Development Manager
Stephanie Mok, stephanie@calgaryfolkfest.com 

Resource Development Coordinator
Ingrid Mosker, ingrid@calgaryfolkfest.com

Marketing Manager
Matt Olah, matt@calgaryfolkfest.com

Social Media Coordinator
Elyse Bouvier, elyse@calgaryfolkfest.com

Board of Directors

Jennifer Allford
Lisa Hari  
Karin King - Treasurer
Sheldon Lachambre 
Jessica Robinson Lychak - Secretary
Jacqueline Lyndon 
Shayne McBride - Board Chair 
Timothy Neis 
Jay Nelson - Vice Chair
Joseph Schuck
Rob Pritchard
Steve Eichler - Legal Advisor