Artist Submission

I’ve arrived in Calgary (after a bitch of a flight) to discover that everything they told me is true; the Canadian folk festivals really do look after you like no one else. I got met at the airport and taken to a seriously posh hotel, complete with pool. A bell boy even took my bags up to my room (after I established he wasn’t stealing them). To top it all, my attempts to ask someone directions to a guitar shop to buy some strings has led to someone going to get them for me. Madness.”

Frank Turner, 2010

We finished booking this summer’s festival months ago - - and have many options in the event of a cancellation.

Please do not send us emails or other materials for consideration for future festivals until September.

The 36th annual Calgary Folk Music Festival is July 23–26, 2015 at Prince's Island Park.

Of the 70 artists programmed annually, about half are Canadian (approximately 10 from Alberta), a third from the U.S., and the rest from outside North America. A wide variety of artists and musical genres are presented. Look through our archives for historical and current info.

We aim to program a high quality, diverse festival. Each fall, we begin with priority lists that far exceed the number of artists we can realistically program and then discover more amazing music by keeping our ears and eyes open, attending festivals and conferences, talking to colleagues, etc. We rarely repeat artists to give others an opportunity and present a fresh program to the audience.

The Festival is a curated, programmed event that doesn't accept unsolicited submissions. We remain curious and interested in hearing new music, though. If you hope to get on our radar, please send one email to between September 1 and December 15 only (there is no such thing as a late submission), including:

  • Your band/artist name in the subject header 
  • Your name, relation to the performer (member, manager, agent) and a very short bio in the email text 
  • Links to your website, EPK, videos and/or streamed music 
  • Any opportunities to see you live in Calgary or at industry conferences


We have a mind-boggling number of enticing options for very few spots, so are only able to include a small percentage of artists who might fit here/want to perform here. With thousands of inquiries annually in addition to our day-to-day operations, we’re simply not able to listen to everything or reply to every email, but we appreciate your interest in our festival.

For a list of artists programmed over our 35-year history,