2017 Arts Market Vendors



Ame Collective

A curated collection of unique words that speak to your truest self... what speaks to you? 

Boreal Folk Apothecary

Bringing you products that are natural, plant-based and wild crafted, Boreal Folk Apothecary creates their goods by hand in their 99 sq foot off-grid workshop. Striving to keep a low ecological footprint is dear to their hearts. Their minimal packaging consists of recyclable, compostable and reusable materials.

Burnt Glass

Burnt Glass Studio works with a variety of mixed metals (like copper and silver) and lamp-work glass beads to create unique one of a kind hand-crafted jewellery. 

Casa Corazon

Featuring a selection of fairly traded goods from Guatemala. All of Casa Corazon’s goods are personally chosen and/or custom designed in partnership with the cottage industry artisans.

Cinder & Sage Designs

Cinder & Sage continues to set the trend, all while giving new life to old items, such as buttons, dictionaries, newspapers, lockets and skeleton keys. Reusing these items in unique ways and combining them with new ‘vintage-inspired’ items, is what gives Cinder & Sage its distinctive and truly timeless look.

HeartStrings Jewelry

Every HeartStrings creation is unique, designed and hand-crafted by Michelle in her Edmonton-based studio. Each piece thoughtfully incorporates retired guitar strings, a testament to the transcendent power of music and its place in our lives. Each piece is created to be a lifestyle accent – from the exquisite Champagne collection to the statement-making, versatile Urban collection.

Irene Rasetti

Stunning, naturally dyed textiles that reflect the imperfect and perfect in everything around us. Selections include a variety of apparel, scarves and textiles. 

Mackenzie Jones Design

Nature-inspired silversmithed jewellery.

Majesty Industries

Travel Wallets and Cork Wallets Handmade in Alberta.

Maple and Oak Designs

Funky fashion accessories • Handmade from vintage, reclaimed and new fabrics in Calgary, Canada • Definitely unique and mostly one of a kind.

Marc Simard

Made with recycled materials, Marc Simard creates beautifully designed leather accessories, including wallets, bags, notebooks and belts. 

Mumble Tease

Mumble Tease is a one-lady apparel company featuring silly smiling-inducing designs. All creations feature original artwork that is silk-screened by hand in the artist's sweet basement workshop!


A collection of beauty; a lifestyle, a love. Their home base is on Vancouver Island, Canada but they are a traveling storefront offering bohemian inspired goods and services.

Nooks Design

Vintage fabrics as well as upcycled wools and leather are being made into a variety of children's dresses, skirts, rompers, sun suits, bloomer shorts and accessories like bow headbands; of course, the little wool booties that started it all are still available too!

Ochre Lea

Take a visit to the quirkiest, cleverist, cheekiest shop in town for a peek at one of a kind stationary, acessories and stuff you didn't know you needed, but do.


Oldhat is a one-man hat making company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. All hats are sewn by Nathan, and use only carefully selected recycled or secondhand fabric. To stiffen the peak, he uses the plastic from ice cream pails, which he salvages from local shops. The end products are quality hats that are attractive and environmentally conscious, while remaining perfectly functional.

Rajasthani Designs

Brought from India, Rajasthani Designs offers beautiful textiles such as duvet covers, table covers, bedspreads, cushions, scarves, shawls and more.

Raw-Eco Jewellery

Hand fabricated brass talismans decorated with exotic & organic seeds. Canadian-made and designed. Find them traveling across the country at festivals, artisan markets and curated events. 

Sabrina Butterfly Designs

Sabrina Butterfly O'Donnell has always had a passion for clothing design. The clothing line is made from mostly natural fibers (some organics) including cotton, linen, rayon, bamboo, hemp, raw silk + wools, often blended with lycra or spandex for that extra comfy fit. The entire line is preshrunk and very easy to wear and care for. You can visit Sabrina Butterfly Designs at their storefront in Edmonton, Alberta. 


SalgadoFenwick aspires to bring their stories to life, though wearable art that creates a timeless experience with each handcrafted garment. Each piece is handmade with love, silk-screened in small batches in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Every collection is a limited edition - no two adorable manatees are exactly alike! 

Snow Alligator

When describing Jason’s style of illustration one would likely arrive at whimsical.  He sees things through a modern perspective, with a mid‑century sensibility, and is enamored with the design and illustration ideas of this time period, which generally involve a clean, shape‑based movement. Jason approaches his work from a “sunshine and lollipops” point of view, where everything is fun and happy.

Spirit & Soul Healing

Truth seeker and natural healing.

Velvet Plume

Each Velvet Plume piece is individually inspired and created with love with great attention to detail and quality.

Whiteout Workshop

Whiteout Workshop silk screens every last piece by hand and absolutely loves creating something one of a kind for everyone to enjoy. With their passion growing for locally made products the steps are even being taken right now for their whole line to be manufactured locally in Alberta.


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