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My hats go off to all the organizers of this amazing event. You've done a bang-up job. Leadership and culture flow from the top and it's clear the top has its head and heart in the right place.

Susan Turner, audience member

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street address

1215 10 Ave SE

Calgary, Alberta T2G 0W6

Please, no unsolicited artist materials to this address

December office hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Festival Staff  

Artistic Director
Kerry Clarke,

Artistic Associate
Chantal Vitalis,

Box Office Manager
Heather Bray,

Hall Rentals Manager
Liam Prost,

Marketing Manager
Matt Olah, 

Executive Director
Sara Leishman,

Production Manager
John Hiebert,

Volunteer Manager
Emily McCormick,

Financial Manager
Katie Neelin,

Sponsorship Manager
Stephanie Mok,

Sponsorship Associate
Ingrid Mosker,


Board of Directors 


Jennifer Allford 
Matt Grant 
Lisa Hari 
Bil Hetherington 
Karin King - Treasurer (leave) 
Sheldon Lachambre 
Jessica Robinson Lychak - Secretary
Jacqueline Lyndon 
Shayne McBride - Board Chair 
Timothy Neis 
Jay Nelson - Vice Chair
Joseph Schuck
Dan Grisdale - Past Chair
Steve Eichler - Legal Advisor

Thank you so much for a great festival. I'll say it once andI'll say it again:  The Calgary Folk Fest is the best-organizedand easy-to-work with festival in Canada. Everyone in the Juan Carranzacrew were impressed with the warm welcome we received from day 1. Thankyou (and all your staff) for your efficiency and professionalism.

Paul Etch, on behalf of Juan Carranza