Food Vendors

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Standards And Selection

The Calgary Folk Music Festival lays host to over 12,000 hungry patrons, volunteers, and others. To keep these fine folks energized, we engage over 25 unique food vendors. Every year we get more applications than we can place, so we choose vendors based on the following criteria:

  • variety and quality of food
  • pricepoint and affordability
  • commitment to our eco initiatives
  • adaptability to different dietary restrictions (vegan/gluten free/halal etc.) 

The Festival provides space for you to operate, electrical, and water/grey water hook ups. Vendors are required to provide flooring, a sump pump, handwash sinks, fresh/grey water hose, extension cords, lighting, tent and all other equipment. 

Vendors are required to comply with all health and building code regulations, and provide proof of insurance. The festival is a no-waste event and requires vendors to participate in composting, recycling and other green programs. All cupware, plateware, cutlery and etc. must be certified compostable and approved by the festival before use.

Applications for the 2018 Festival close April 1st.


Fees and Services

Please be advised that because the festival takes place on an island, space and electrical are extremely limited. Priority is given to vendors with small footprint and low power consumption. The fees for 2018 will scale depending on size and power draw. 


Please contact or call 403-233-0904 with any questions.