2021 visual artist-in-residence

2021 visual artist-in-residence

Jae Sterling is our 2021 artist and designer of the year

We are excited to introduce Jae Sterling as our visual artist for 2021.

Jae is a multidisciplinary artist and founding member of Thot Police. A musician at heart, he has also extended his art over the years to include painting, digital design and mixed media. Jae's expressive art weaves together his experiences in Jamaica, South Florida and Canada.⁠

For this year's Block Heater design, Jae drew on themes of resilience and community to create The Brightness of Being.

In Jae's words: The Brightness of Being is about catching a spark and never letting it fade. As we let the remnants of a fire wind down, the embers hold warmth, renewal, and great spirit. After several months of uncertainty and chaos, my convictions tell me that we are all still bright and incandescent. This is no portrait of a lady on fire, instead, The Brightness of Being at its core is the story of women who grasp fire at will and lead us into the new era.