Dojo Workhorse

Previously Performed in: 2017, 2010
(AB)  Indie, Pop, Rock

Performing Sunday February 12 at Festival Hall, 12 - 5 pm - get tickets now!
"I’ve been in love six times for sure Still keep regrets from three and four…"
Danny Vacon, some other Dudes and Raleighs bring their self-described ‘soft rock’ and ‘neo-blue-eyed soul’ outfit. Fragile, layered and more personal than the raucous, boozy Dudes, gorgeous harmonies and strong melodies characterize this project. It’s set to well-textured, emotive and smooth instrumentation with some guitar dashes, one part trumpet and horns, another of easy percussion, a topping of lapsteels, harmonicas and cellos. A new 2016 CD gives the world freedom to swoon, sway, hug their hearts and bask in the soft rays of a perfect afternoon patio beer. Drink whiskey and pen heartfelt notes in your journal, the world is beautiful once more. KC

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