C. R. Avery

Previously Performed in: 2017, 2011
(B.C./ ON)  Blues, Hip Hop

Performing February 10 at the Alexandra Dance Centre, 7:30 - 11 pm - Get tickets now!
Performing February 11 at Festival Hall, 2 - 5 pm - Get tickets now!

"Back here again. Streets like water... Can’t seem to break these old habits of falling off the wagon… Whatever happened to you and me against the world?"

Musician. Painter. Poet. Author. Songwriter. Beatboxing multi-instrumental showman: C.R. Avery is all these things and more. Unbound by genre, his seemingly limitless, diverse skills make for audacious and electrifying live shows. Blistering blues harmonica, densely packed spoken word, beautiful and poetic ballads – none are out of place. C.R. Avery seems to be in an endless one-upping competition with himself but ultimately, the real winner is the audience. CV

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