Matt Andersen and the Mellotones

Previously Performed in: 2014, 2011
(AB)  Blues, Country

Matt Andersen has plied his trade as a soulful blues and folk songsmith over seven albums with his trademark low-key modesty and lack of fanfare. Weightless—his eighth album, produced by Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin—finds the New Brunswick-bred Andersen broadening his appeal while solidifying his status as one of the country's most engaging songwriters.

Although Andersen is known for his guitar chops and huge shout of a blues voice, Weightless ranges from soul/gospel melodies to reggae grooves and country ballads, as pedal-steel and organ grooves snuggle behind Andersen’s immaculate guitar playing. True to his first love, the blues, tales of pain and redemption and abound as he welds classic musical traditions to the current challenges of being alive. Whether telling the all- too-common tale of Maritimers heading west, or blasting a rockabilly ode to a battered rust-belt town, Andersen holds the music, and his audience, in the capable palm of his hand. He’ll be gracing the stage with his full band, including a four-piece horn section. If there were a roof to be raised, this band would be the group to bet on.


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