Previously Performed in: 2016, 2011
(Montreal, QC)  Folk, Indie

Striking the right balance between electronic and acoustic music isn’t easy. It’s even more impressive when a band can simultaneously manage the sweet spot between fragility and strength, and find equilibrium between the careful and the unexpected. A typical BRAIDS song is wholly atypical, with the band swinging from catchy indie pop melodies to experimental deconstruction in the space of a bar or two. Singer Raphaelle Standall-Preston’s delivery is vulnerable but undeniably brave, commanding the listener’s focus whether her band mates opt for natural sparseness or full-on electronic beats. The current BRAIDS trio met as high school kids in Calgary, and played with a couple of different line-ups before truly finding their collective vision after moving to Montréal a few years back. On BRAIDS’ latest album - 2016 Juno-winning Deep In The Iris - Standall-Preston’s smart, intimately honest lyrics range from the dull heartbreak that lingers in the wake of a failed relationship to the ongoing objectification of women, made all the more powerful by her unwaveringly clear delivery. The result is a band that is surprisingly accessible, quietly fierce, and always unexpected.
Performing Saturday, July 23

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