The Barr Brothers

(QC)  Folk, Indie, Roots

When Rhode Island natives Andrew and Brad Barr – then known as improv-avant-rock trio The Slip – were playing a club in Montreal that caught fire, Andrew wrapped his coat around the shoulders of a waitress standing outside. The blaze in the club sparked a blaze in the heart, and soon Brad was following Andrew following the waitress to live in Montreal. That city worked its mythical alchemy and presently Brad was strumming covertly along to harp melodies drifting through the apartment wall; he asked their creator, Sarah Page, to join in and The Barr Brothers were born, soon to be joined by multi-instrumentalist Andres Vial.

The windshield bug collection earned driving 10,000 highway miles, melodies stolen through apartment walls, becoming a stranger in a new town – these landmarks in The Barr Brothers’ past cast shadows on the variegated landmarks in their music. Their string-centric sound captures wisps of melodies you thought you remembered from childhood, stolen moments mixed into jams, sunshine-fuelled flower-powered tunes, and dark moments when grace and shame teeter together, needing each other for balance.


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