Marco Calliari

(QC)  Cabaret, Flamenco, Italian, Quebecois

Though Quebecois through and through, Marco Calliari has a great big cuore Italiano. Growing up Quebecois did nothing to prevent the young singer from fully absorbing the musical traditions of his famiglia; the soaring sounds of Italian opera and the beats of Italian pop music ensured he did not forget his roots. Classical voice training during his school years furthered the influence of the old world. A major voltafaccia in his late teens found Calliari rocking out with screaming abandon in the Quebec thrash-metal cult band Anonymus.

Another about-face, and Calliari launched his solo career in 2004 with the release of the torchy, jazzy Che La Vita, which marked an important return to the sounds and forms of Italy. His folklore-rich sensibilities and keen awareness of showmanship allow him to take Italian rhythms such as the tarantella and internationalize them with the racing pulse of klezmer, the spice of flamenco and the energy of ska and rock’n’roll. Whether interpreting classic tunes like “L’Americano” and “Bella Ciao” or performing his own compositions, Calliari is a thrilling taste of la patria with the showy heart of the new world.


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