(US)  Alternative, Indie, Pop

Every adventure ever pursued in a flea market or second hand store is in the hope to find something buried, where no one else thought to look. Something authentic and extraordinary; something that captures a time and place it has never been released from, and for it now to be yours. Beirut’s unique Euro-baroque music is such a gem in sonic form.

The music starts with a twinkle of battered piano keys. Cue the waltzing pulse of the accordion, tucked up next to carnival drums and tattered tambourines. Violins spin strings of melodies overhead as a surge of trumpets, trombones and tubas marry into a dramatic chorus. Amongst it all, plucked ukuleles find their moment to breathe and front man Zach Condon’s glimmering voice climbs over this mountain of sound, toppling over and under the notes, charging this marching band ahead.

Despite hailing from New Mexico, the musicians have crafted music with an old worldliness that carries remnants of France, folk music of the Balkans, and slivers of sound smuggled from Spain. Yet Beirut has their own distinct sound, an irresistible melding of the old with the lusciously innovative.


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