Previously Performed in: 2016, 2012
(Hamilton, ON) 

After touring in each other’s bands for years, husband and wife solo musicians Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland put aside their individual careers in 2010 to form Whitehorse. Build on exceptional guitar playing, his and her harmonies and a flair for dramatic, narrative songwriting, they eliminated the need for additional band members. It’s a simple one-plus- one equation with an abundance of guitar slinging and white-hot desire.
Whitehorse’s live show is a complex, nimble, ballet of moving instruments, voice and keys. Effortless harmonies fly confidently above a layered net made of intricately assembled percussion and drum loops, blistering guitar riffs, homemade telephone- microphones and smart songs.
Their debut was an urgent, romantic statement on uncertainty and impending disaster. Their sophomore release, Leave No Bridge Unburned, is Whitehorse amplified, increased and intensified. The songs tap into Luke and Melissa’s shared fascination with the American south, conjuring the burnt-out border towns, stray dogs and rooster crows that populate Spaghetti Westerns, Southern Gothic novels and dusty post-apocalyptic landscapes. The urban/suburban divide is another recurring Whitehorse theme. And there’s a love song that channels slinky, stylized Bond themes and sixties R&B in a story about one rich man’s quest to send a couple to Mars. Fitting…for a band best described as “space cowboy lovebirds.”

Luke Doucet, Melissa McClelland

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