The Rural Alberta Advantage

(ON)  Alternative, Indie, Roots

The term “The Rural Alberta Advantage” has been used over the years to describe Alberta as the land of oil and gas; thus the land of jobs. But to Nils Edenloff, the advantage was in the quiet and beautiful parts of the province that are frequently over looked by those not familiar with them. Edenloff now lives in Toronto, but based his first album on his experiences of growing up in Alberta; references to the ghostly northern lights, vacant prairies, quiet hometowns and the looming Rockies. Some of these things were tainted with heartbreak, while some were made simpler by innocence of the time.

This should not give the impression that The Rural Alberta Advantage’s music is always gentle or bucolic. Nils Edenloff has a voice that is demanding, zealous over his frantic guitar strums, baited by Paul Banwatt’s crafty math-rock drum tempos, and propped against the lush soundscape built by backup vocalist and keyboardist Amy Cole. The trio veers skillfully from quiet moments of reflective longing to mad eruptions of tangible despair. The Rural Alberta Advantage has the unpredictable charm inherent in music that wears its heart on its sleeve, making us want to bare our hearts right back.


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