100 Mile House

Previously Performed in: 2017, 2012
(Edmonton, AB)  Acoustic, Folk

100 Mile House evokes trouble in your rear-view mirror; hope hidden in a box to be re-discovered later; stumbling over unwanted news while never letting go of your lover’s hand. Laced with violins, organs, and sweet prairie air, 100 Mile House’s music sounds like a soundtrack for sleepwalking through life, yet the lyrics reveal an acute awareness of the places where the sublime and the mundane make love. They somehow capture the wistful nostalgia of a prairie harvest moonrise even as their songs are dusted with Celtic longing.

Since husband and wife team of UK born Peter Stone and Alberta’s Denise MacKay released their first album in 2009, the pair have toured North America and overseas, gaining airplay, accolades and many awards for songwriting. The awards pay homage to a lyrical simplicity that lays bare hidden truths and gives you shivers when you suddenly recognize yourself in between the words.


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