Del Barber

(MB)  Indie, Roots, Singer-Songwriter

The best folk music has that certain sweet familiarity to it, even when you’re hearing a song for the first time. Del Barber’s songs are like that. His guitar licks and bittersweet lyrics are his and his alone, but he also manages to infuse each one of his songs with the essential touchstones of an entire musical genre so that even if you’ve only heard the song once, you’ll want to hear it again and again.

Barber is part of the impressive Manitoba music scene that seems to produce some of the most diverse Canadian musical artists today. The son of a draft dodger, Barber has criss-crossed the continent trying out different landscapes and careers before finding his home on the road and in music. Barber’s music tells the tale of a rambling heart, of growing up on the Manitoba prairies and of the extraordinary ordinariness of being Canadian. Folky, familiar and evocative, Barber will make you feel right at home.


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