Bettysoo and Doug Cox

(BC/USA)  Americana, Country, Folk

Living 2,500 miles from your musical partner makes for some difficulty in collaborating, but BettySoo (Austin) and Doug Cox (Courtenay-Comox) make it worth the struggle. BettySoo’s powerful, bell-clear voice and Cox’s sympathetic Dobro come together to soothe weary souls and tug at the strings of open hearts.

While teaching at Acoustic Alaska Guitar Camp, the pair discovered they shared a taste for world-renowned songwriters like Cox's old friend Doug Sahm and well-kept secrets such as Betty Elders. The pair decided to build a show around their shared admiration, and the Across the Borderline project was born. In this project, BettySoo and Doug Cox are joining forces in a heartfelt commitment to keep alive and vibrant their shared collection of musical gems wobbling on the edge of obscurity.

The award-winning fresh-faced Korean-American songstress and the road-hardened veteran collaborator have created two albums together, mixing originals with covers from the well-known to the virtually unheard, and making a glorious, full-bodied sound. You’d hardly believe all that music was coming from just four hands and two mouths. Sometimes disparate energies, disparate influences and richly harmonious sensibilities can make the most memorable, tangible fusions; BettySoo and Doug Cox are proof positive.


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