Eve Hell & the Razors

(AB)  Rockabilly

Switching up the normal order of events, Eve Hell & the Razors formed with their full lineup after recording their first album Fire It Up. It was case of betting everything on their tunes and talent and almost literally going for broke, maxing out credit cards to record and build a sense of excitement around tracks that – once Mike and Eve Hell finally found third member Richie Ranchero – would soon have crowds tearing up the dance floor at one spectacular live show after another.

Outside of Tennessee, there are few cities that can lay claim to doing rockabilly better than Calgary. For some reason, that go-for-broke attitude that started Eve Hell & the Razors and that’s always lain at the heart of rock’s most vital incarnations seems to flourish exceptionally here, consistently producing acts that understand this music the only way it can be truly understood: right in the gut. (And also, perhaps, slightly below the gut.) The point being that Calgary has long been a Mecca for the kind of great rockabilly music that grabs you, shakes you up and leaves you crying out for more. And as there are few cities in North America that do this music better than Calgary, there are few acts in Calgary that do it better than Eve Hell & the Razors.


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