The Hackamores

(AB)  Country, Western Swing

A hackamore is a loop of hand-braided rawhide fitted over a horse’s nose in lieu of a bit in its mouth. Learning to braid one takes years - the tradition is handed from master to journeyman in a link to simpler times. Thus The Hackamores, comprised of six veteran players as expertly seasoned as their music, are aptly named.

Local luminaries Allen Baekeland (Rembetika Hipsters, The Now Feeling) and Tim Williams (The Electrofires) trade off vocals and guitar licks while Plaid Tongued Devils fiddler Jonathan Lewis (also of the RH) complements Men of Constant Sorrow alumni Charlie Veilleux, Gary Gelhorn, and Gordon Bregg to ease out perfectly honed vintage tones where pedal steel and fiddle elope to a secluded homestead and live happily ever after under the sweet silver sky.

When The Hackamores say they swing, believe ‘em. As their music glides over lightly treaded trails of country swing, the band swings a wide loop that captures traditional tunes from the 1800s, honky tonk gems from the 1900s, and modern truths penned by band members as recently as the last time they emptied a bottle. The result is a barn dance that beckons you down the valley just after the thunderstorm quiets and the rainbow appears.


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