Joy Kills Sorrow

(USA)  Americana, Folk, Instrumental, Roots

What we need here is a classification to describe Joy Kills Sorrow’s effortless blend of folk, bluegrass, jazz, pop and classical music. Popplejazz? Classical folkgrass? Folkesnoppegrassical? Hmm.

These five exceptional and fresh talents pluck heartstrings as well as stringed instruments to create a sweet and rich sonic playground for soulful Canadian singer Emma Beaton. Jacob Jolliff (mandolin), Wesley Corbett (banjo), Matthew Arcara (guitar) and Bridget Kearney (bass and chief songwriter) are all skillful musicians who have been recognized individually and collectively for their talents.

Jazzical bluepop?

Whatever genre Joy Kills Sorrow’s music falls into—or just outside of—there simply is no denying that it’s straight-up glorious to listen to, and that the band is straight up fun to watch. The members of the band are completely joyful when they play, so even if there’s no category that perfectly describes their music, the band’s name perfectly describes the effect of listening to them play.

Grassical folkblues. Yes, that’ll do.


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