Lisa Knapp

(UK)  Folk, Instrumental, Traditional

It's one thing to try to recapture the spirit of traditional folk. It's another entirely to carve your own place in the pantheon. With her 2007 debut, Wild and Undaunted, Lisa Knapp seemed on track to doing just that. An expert mix of standards and original compositions, the album quickly found acclaim beyond traditional folk circles, winning over the notoriously fickle British music press. Between Knapp's tasteful experimentation and her warm, expressive singing, Wild and Undaunted seemed like a rich foundation for a new folk voice.

Even the most fertile fields must sometimes lie fallow, though, and Knapp has spent the last half-decade in relative silence, occasionally touring and working on the odd collaboration. That changed this year with past May with Hunt the Hare, an EP built around the traditions surrounding the month of May. It's an appropriate topic. Spring is a season of rebirth and new beginnings, but it's also a time of continuity, of new life profoundly connected what that came before. No wonder it resonates with Knapp.

Thankfully, Knapp's re-emergence looks to be permanent. She already plans to release another May-themed EP next year, planting seeds for what could become an annual treat. But on the off chance that she disappears again, best to avoid the potential regrets, and to listen while you can.


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