Little Scream

(QC)  Electronic, Indie, Pop

Heaven is a questionable subject to many. For the sake of this bio, let’s just say there is one. And at that moment, when you are rising from this earth, about to meet your new digs, Little Scream (aka Laurel Sprengelmeyer) should be your chosen one musical guide from this world to the next.

Despite her adroit musicianship on the guitar, violin and keyboard, and despite having a talented team of musicians back her, it is Little Scream’s voice that is truly the main instrument at play, capturing vast oceans in her tangled net of harmonies, the peaks and valleys of her gossamer vocals. This Iowa born, now Montreal based musician’s music runs the sonic gamut from stomps and claps to ethereal vocals and orchestrated instrumental groans. Little Scream’s musical offerings resonate as something pure and genuine. Her songs seem as if they have always existed, quietly bubbling in the ether, waiting to surface. Her singing is more of a calling, never coming off as a polished show-woman so much as someone who just may be sharing their diary with you.


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