Ellis Paul

(USA)  Country, Family, Roots, Singer-Songwriter

A lyrical storyteller who looks for authenticity and connection in his tales, Paul’s a student of the Woody Guthrie School of Folk Singers, writing for and about real people and situations. His background as the son of a potato farmer, then track star and inner city school caseworker are the basis of his down-to-earth roots music.

Paul is a key figure in what has become known as the Boston school of songwriting; a provocative and urbanely romantic folk-pop style that helped ignite the 1990s folk revival. Thanks to an athletic injury during a college track scholarship that derailed his career in favour of the English degree that lead to guitar playing, songwriting and record label signings, the world now has 16 Ellis Paul albums. The latest of them, The Day After Everything Changed, was featured in the Farrelly Brothers movie Hall Pass.

Paul’s songs tell stories with feeling and depth. He’s an old school folkie with modern sensibilities who brings heart and intelligence to his writing. He is also prone to whimsy and good, silly fun, as evidenced by the promotional video on his website: a shot of Paul and his beloved guitar—one arm extended skyward like a musical Babe Ruth—leaping into a lake.


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