Alejandra Robles

(Mexico)  Latin, World

A native daughter of Mexico’s isolated Costa Chica, where indigenous culture remains strong and proud Afro-Mexican heritage colours art, Ale Robles has been a keeper and interpreter of the traditional songs and dances of her region since her childhood. Her Oaxacan culture is renowned for its exuberance and joy, and Robles is a perfect conduit for this pulsing positivity.

 More than a simple traditionalist, Robles challenges and invigorates tradition by the inclusion of pan-Caribbean and contemporary dance-floor rhythms, and her classical training in both voice and dance also informs and bolsters her interpretations.

Robles overlays snapping, fiery world beats with her soaring, lilting, opera-honed voice, and offers a simultaneous bewitching visual spectacle, with the motions and steps of both modern and folk dancing. This dynamic performer is a whirlwind of colour and sensuality, bursting with life, dancing this rich Mexican tradition into the 21st century and bringing it to the world.


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