Danny Schmidt

(USA)  Folk, Singer-Songwriter

Sometimes the literary path is innate. College dropout, sustainable communal farmer, sawmill worker, preschool teacher and Texas Longhorns fan Schmidt has built a cult following as a modern day poet and classic troubadour. His lyrics have been published in literary journals and his classic photographs from the road are in photo exhibits and sold as fine art prints.

The train conductor hat with tufts of curly hair poking out the back and dark button-down shirt give him the look of West Coast hipster as his body rocks while he picks gentle melodies, his eyes closed, possibly envisioning the crowd as a small group of friends huddled around a campfire or a waning weeknight small-town pub crowd.

Schmidt’s songs are a flood of poetry, mythology, folk wisdom and surprise. It’s beautifully crafted, lonesome pines music that would’ve fit neatly on the bill at any '60s coffee house. They’re earthy songs whose seductive simplicity utilizes parable and allegory to conjure magic from the mundane.


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