Leeroy Stagger & the Wildflowers

(AB)  Alt-Country, Singer-Songwriter

There is a space floating between pop and punk, between folk and kickass, a sweet spot that Leeroy Stagger inhabits with buoyancy, acerbic wit and ridiculously catchy melodic hooks. Stagger’s music combines tender honesty of the songwriter with a ballsy punk-rock swagger; he isn’t afraid to call bullshit when he sees it, even when it’s on himself. Acoustic strumming is balanced with tasty distortion, lilting balladeering with driving pop-punk sweetness.

Born in BC and hanging his hat – when he has time to look for it – in southern Alberta, Stagger inherited a love of music from his grandparents. When Stagger finally quit his day job as a hairdresser to be a fulltime songwriter he burst out of the gate at full tilt – not just in terms of the music he was making, but in terms of the rock’n’roll lifestyle he was hellbent on living. At the ripe age of 26, Stagger reconsidered the chemical abuse he was heaping on his body and went clean and sober, the better to serve the music he was trying to create. These days Stagger’s focus is paying off; he’s been garnering rave reviews across Europe and the US, and fulfilling the promise of his early dreams. Let him dance you down the garden path. It’ll be worth it.


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