Three Metre Day

(ON)  Chamber Pop, Folk

Begin with lap slide guitarist Don Rooke, who heads up cult fave The Henrys; layer that with Hugh Marsh’s soulful violin chops that have uplifted Bruce Cockburn and Loreena McKennitt, not to mention a whack of Hollywood soundtracks, and you’re already onto something addictive. But it’s Michelle Willis’s smoky, beguiling pipes and portable pump organ that really define the sound of this atmospheric roots group. Although Don and Hugh had known each other and worked together for years, it wasn’t until Michelle sang with The Henrys at the Luminato festival in 2009 that the pieces of Three Metre Day came together, and quickly began garnering appreciation and acclaim.

Despite such a relatively short band history, this is a quiet, unassuming powerhouse of roots musicianship and experience, and it shows in a sound that is so tight and organic that it can be difficult to tell where one musicians ends and the next begins. Lush, unhurried melodic swoops in minor keys enrobe Willis’s seductively weary voice and create a musical glamour over the senses. One sinks into the music of Three Metre Day as into a hot tub under a blanket of stars. Time drifts, unhooks, floats untethered into the black. You may never want to come back to earth.


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