Jimmy LaFave

(USA)  Americana, Rock, Roots

Red Dirt [n.]

1. Reddish tinted earth or soil, especially when loose.

2. A colloquial term to describe the sound of the music of Oklahoma

Named for the colour of the soil, ‘red dirt music’ is the notes that form in your head while you explore the highways of Oklahoma. While Jimmy LaFave is originally from Wills Point, Texas he is deeply invested in the music of his surrogate home of Stillwater, Oklahoma – the supposed centre point of the red dirt sound.

The name red dirt is misleading however, as LaFave’s music is clean and polished, careful and evocative. With deep respect for the Guthrie-inspired protest music of the ‘60s, Lafave never strays too far from a Dylan cover in his sets. Lafave’s soulful country voice echoes simple emotion and powerful messages.


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