Albert Lee

Albert Lee occupies an odd musical niche. British born and bred, he spent the mid-'60s as a top R&B guitarist in the Thunderbirds, focussing on rockabilly and country music in the Œ70s. He¹s an English household name and an in-demand Nashville and Los Angeles session player but is more obscure outside professional American music circles ­ so is occasionally misidentified as the other guitarist - the late Alvin Lee, formerly of Ten Years After. Our Albert Lee is part of a rarefied virtuoso's virtuoso fraternity, respected on three continents. In 2003, his country/rockabilly album Heartbreak Hill and the Lee retrospective compilation, That's All Right, Mama were released. He¹s member of UK-based Hogan's Heroes, is in Bill Wyman's band the Rhythm Kings, and in his five decade career has provided brilliant axe work for the Everly Brothers, Jackson Browne, Bo Diddley, Joe Crocker, Emmylou Harris and played alongside Eric Clapton.

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