The Latchikós

(Ireland )

Another lifetime ago, Aindrias de Staic was a traditional Irish fiddler whose musical path was sabotaged by hard-living. Reality struck in the form of a house fire, which set our hero onto a new musical path and lifestyle. A few years of busking in Australia introduced him to new genres and approaches. A raw food diet replaced booze and drugs. An acting career – including Shakespeare plays in Gaelic – took off. The captivating yarn-spinner now shares his life story, unhinged humour and musical adventures in a wild stage show with his demented trad trio who create a rare fusion of spoken word and crunchy Gaelic beats, set alight with a gypsy violin, blues harmonica and theatrics. Ireland’s greatest multi-instrumental busker Tim Scalan, rapper/ drummer/trombonist Eimhim Craddock (ex the Sawdoctors) join raconteur Aindrias de Staic to round out the Latchikós.

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