Michael Hearst’s Unusual Creatures


Brooklyn-based quirky author and composer Michael Hearst and his band present Songs For Unusual Creatures: a geeky A/V presentation of some of the most bizarre animals that roam the planet. From the Australian bilby to the deep-sea magnapinna squid, to the microscopic tardigrade, the creatures are brought to life with odd-ball instruments as theremin, claviola, daxophone and stylophone. Composer, multi-instrumentalist and writer Michael is a founding member of the band One Ring Zero, which has released nine highly themed albums, from literary collaborations with key authors to a collection of new compositions to represent the solar system and beyond; and one which sets recipes from top chefs to music. His solo albums have focussed on the news and ice cream trucks. He’s also done film soundtracks, penned a children’s book and contributed to literary journals.

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