Mary Margaret O'Hara, Peggy Lee and Beautiful Tool

( Vancouver, BC/Toronto, ON) 

Undisciplinary artist, Mary Margaret O'Hara is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design who typecast herself with her 1988 album Miss America. All over the creative map, if there is such a map, she met Peggy Lee in Whitehorse and Ms. Peggy doggedly chased her down and they put together Beautiful Tool. Peggy, the acclaimed Vancouver-based cellist and composer brought her husband, drummer and composer Dylan Van Der Schyff, JP Carter, wild man of trumpet, and the dashing Ron Samworth along for the ride and they played their first gig at the Push Festival in Vancouver in 2012. For CFMF Mr. Samworth had to dash so guitarist Rusty McCarthy, co-heart of Miss America will play along. All the players share a love of improvising which they'll be showing off, along with some of O'Hara'a chestnuts. Be there or be like ya are!

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