Over the Rhine


It’s been a long, multi-faceted journey for the Ohio-based group, named for a gritty neighbourhood, who began music life in 1990 as a four-piece rock band before paring down to the core duo of Ohio-based multi-instrumentalist/vocalist husband-and-wife team Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist. Over 20 years and 17 ‘criminally overlooked’ albums, they’ve watched musicians and record labels come and go and career hopes wax and wane. Almost 25 years of work have finally paid off with their latest album, The Long Surrender, produced by Joe Henry and supported by guest Lucinda Williams. It’s a lovely, heartbreaking and uplifting musical mosaic that seamlessly interweaves disparate idiosyncratic strains from the many- coloured American music quilt, built on Bergquist’s supple, soulful vocals and the duo’s beautiful instrumentation. Their memorable lyrics plumb the divine, explore mysteries of love and the human condition.


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