Thievery Corporation


Two independent thinkers - Eric Hilton and Rob Garza - have taken a DIY approach to music and culture since forming 17 years ago. Spend time in their company and hear a reference to artificial intelligence, a discussion of Garza’s travels to Sudan and Nepal, or a send up of The Clash’s London Calling. Hilton and Garza’s thoughtful curiosity about the world finds its way into their sophisticated, impeccably crafted musical creations, reflecting their appreciation for diverse musical styles (bossa nova and dub to vintage film soundtracks and space rock) and their take on our complicated times. Their label ESL Records is run from the basement of a gothic-style Washington, D.C. townhouse that is also home to their recording studio, filled with the latest high-tech gear plus vintage guitars and Moog keyboards. There, they’ve crafted an impressive, diverse body of work that has made Thievery Corporation one of the most influential and respected groups on the electronic/dance music scene. Their most recent album, Culture of Fear, is a conscious cinematic inquiry into space rock that straddles funk and soul, dub and reggae, fleshed out by skilled session players.

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