World Party


Karl Wallinger's music career began during the late 1970s in Wales, playing in bands with friends. After a stint as music director for The Rocky Horror Show, he rose to fame as a multi- instrumentalist with The Waterboys. In 1986, at the height of The Waterboys fame, Wallinger left to form World Party – a solo project that has since spawned seven albums, multiple awards and a range of intriguing collaborations. More than 25 years later, having sold millions of albums, clocked countless tour miles and recovered from a brain aneurysm, he’s returned to the scene with a new five disc, seventy-track, box set Arkeology. With it, World Party has started a brand new chapter of the story, so thankfully Wallinger’s cerebral, erudite pop essays, drenched in gorgeous melodies, will continue to be heard.

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