A Tribe Called Red


Social activism and a good dance party make for a heady combination, and one of the hottest examples currently is A Tribe Called Red. Ian "Deejay NDN" Campeau, Dan "DJ Shub" General and Bear Witness combine Aboriginal powwow vocals and drumming with high-energy electronica for a multi-millennia spanning sound that compels you to join the frenetic party. Powwow songs are powerful signifiers of First Nations culture, tradition and connection—with each other, with ancestors and with their territories—and ATCR’s non-traditional mixes use spine-tingling beats to open these cultural touchstones to contemporary audiences.

Forming the foundation and expertly threaded through the music is ATCR’s uncompromising commentary on the historic and current treatment of First Nations people in politics, in law, in society, in media and in all other facets of Canadian life. ATCR shine a spotlight on systemic racism, promote an uncompromising pride in Aboriginal heritage and talent, and hold a signpost for the way forward through the minefield. And within the uncomfortable truths lies an irresistible, driving invitation to join the dance, and change the world.


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