Astral Swans

(Calgary, AB)

Likely one of the quietest success stories to emerge from Calgary, Astral Swans has emerged from the bedroom to the national consciousness with barely a blink of an eye. Rare is the Calgary artist that can sign on to a new label, operated in partnership between one of Canada’s most acclaimed songwriters (Dan Mangan) and record labels (Arts & Crafts) without a local media storm, yet Astral Swans—while receiving acclaim for his and his bandmates live shows and recent 7” release—has done just that. And it’s fitting, given the music he creates—songs that quietly get under your skin and into your head, subtly becoming those earworms that pop up out of nowhere. Having honed his craft over many years as the popular Extra Happy Ghost!!! it’s no surprise that Swann’s new endeavour has developed a cohesive, thoughtful and engaging voice, both musically and lyrically. Astral Swans create working man’s music for the thinking person.


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