David Bromberg

(Wilmington, DL) 

David Bromberg has built a decades-long music career shifting between country, bluegrass, blues, jazz, and rock, all while injecting a hefty dose of humour into his lyrics and stage show. Bromberg doesn’t take himself too seriously—but that lack of “seriousness” (alongside his considerable skill on the mandolin, fiddle, dobro, guitar and all the other tools in his bag of tricks) has made him a respected colleague of some of the most famed artists in folk music history. Since emerging on the scene in the early ‘70s, Bromberg has worked with Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Willie Nelson, Jerry Garcia and countless others, lending his multi-instrumental skills to his friends’ records as well as the dozen or so albums he’s released with his own band. Yet, despite the lure of the big time that must have come from hanging with his famous friends, Bromberg chose to stay out of the rat race, and since the ‘80s he has remained fairly quiet, focusing on his retail violin store in Delaware. A talent like Bromberg’s can’t keep quiet though, and over the last decade he has been steadily increasing his output, most recently releasing the eclectic, rollicking, and characteristically Bromberg-esque Only Slightly Mad in 2013.


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