Kenna Burima

(Calgary, AB) 

A solo project frees artists to take their music in directions that go beyond expectations that come with a genre-specific band. Kenna Burima’s name is likely familiar to anyone well acquainted with the Calgary music scene. Rock club patrons may know her as the keyboard player in the pop collective Woodpigeon, or the organist in the gritty garage outfit The Pygmies. What they’re less likely to know her as is Kenna Burima, front person—though that’s changing with the recent release of her self-titled debut solo album. Burima describes her own music as “chamber pop cabaret”—and it’s as accurate as one can get, making reference to her classic piano-driven pop melodies augmented by smoky jazz influences and an appropriate dose of dramatic flair. A fan of a wide variety of music (she’s been known to cover The Pixies to Black Sabbath at her live shows) and known for her biting humour, Burima’s solo work may not be exactly what fans of her other projects expect from her, but offers a perfect distillation of her lusciously diverse artistic sensibilities. She’s joined by some of Calgary’s finest musicians from a diversity of musical backgrounds—jazz drummer Jon May, bassist Simon Fisk, guitarist Colin Mitchell, vocalist Chris Neville and violinist Foon Yap.


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