Sam Carter


Sam Carter’s stock in trade is his observant, bleak and deeply personal songs. And while he proudly acknowledges that his music is rooted in the British folk tradition, his influences range across rock, punk and electric blues. A relative newcomer to the British folk scene, Carter has already won the admiration of critics and fellow musicians, many of whom have dubbed him the finest English-style finger-picking guitarist of his generation. His recently-discovered musical passion is American gospel and shape note hymn singing, a 19th-century style that facilitated community singing. It permeates his 2012 recording The No Testament which tackles themes like recession, work and money, marriage and divorce, and even a mournful blues shout about the Japanese tsunami. His songs express belief and faith from a humanitarian rather than religious perspective, but most of all they tell stories—unfinished stories, as Carter is quick to point out. “A song isn’t finished until it’s played for an audience. The experiences they bring to my songs make them complete.”


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