If you hear some rumbling on the island during the festival this summer, don’t bother looking at the sky; it’s likely the sound of Dulsori. The drum group, whose name means “heartbeat of the land”, formed in 1984 to rekindle the spirit of ancient Korean festivals. Dulsori’s musicians beat huge overhead drums and mix in some flutes and a large multi-stringed zither to establish deep, pounding rhythms derived from outdoor farmers’ festivals that could probably be heard in the next village. The result is explosive thunder and gripping rhythms alternating with beautiful, contemplative music on traditional Korean instruments.

Dulsori’s interactive performance is intended to build harmony and unity of community among the audience members and performers. The energetic and passionate team has staged hundreds of international performances around the world, specially tailoring their performances for festivals where people’s energies mingle. The group feeds off the energy of its audience and often calls on people to join the show, so don’t be surprised if you end up on stage adding to the thunder. 


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