Josh White, Jr.

(New York, NY)

Although it isn't easy for the son of a musical legend to make a mark and build a legend in his own right, Josh White, Jr. has been doing just that for decades. His career has criss-crossed genres: secular, folk/blues, pop and jazz; he’s been a vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, actor, adult and children's concert performer and recording artist, teacher and social activist.

Starting out in Broadway at only four, performing alongside the elder Josh White—storied blues man, entertainer and social activist—White was already an experienced actor for stage and screen when he made the decision in the early ‘60s to focus on his career in music and become a standard-bearer of America's folk revival. He never looked back, recording a cornucopia of solo records and in collaborations with his family plus James Earl Jones, Frank Sinatra, Lily Tomlin and even Muhammad Ali. From the early ‘60s through the ‘80s, he became one of the most celebrated and recognized artists on the college circuit.

In recent years, White has brought the beauty and power of the folk revival he helped build to a whole new generation, helming an extraordinary interactive musical education series and continuing to record his own flavour of blues folk. White brings a unique blend of soulfulness, masterful precision and simple, unalloyed joy to his performances, carrying on both his family's legacy and his own in fine style.


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