Waco Brothers

(Chicago, IL) 

When the alt country wave crested and crashed in the early oughts, a good number of what were considered the forerunners had already begun transforming into the dad-rock/soft-rock that defined so much of the post alt country sound. Mellotrons replaced slide guitars and fuzz pedals took over from banjos. Throughout this transition, Waco Brothers—led by former Mekons frontman and all around raconteur Jon Langford—kept their head down, churning out brilliant piece after brilliant piece of Americana that has stayed true to their roots to this day. Beloved by punks and hillbillies alike, Waco Brothers occupy a unique space in the musical landscape: backward looking but forward moving, authentic but new, forging ahead with a sound honed over eight albums and captured on one live disc. Perhaps most importantly, in this era of hipsters in suspenders with waxed moustaches slinging mandolins and pork pie hats, Waco Brothers have never bought into a trend, remaining true to the vision that comes across in their music, equally at home on southern stoops and northern mining towns.


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